Simmons University Kotzen Scholarships 2024

Illinois Wesleyan University Scholarships 2024
Illinois Wesleyan University Scholarships 2024

Do you want to study in US? If yes that is your most desired country to pursue your studies, then you’re on the right page. In here we explore on how to get Simmons University Kotzen Scholarships 2024. This scholarships will cover your tuition fess which most international students are looking for.

This scholarship pays for room and board, necessary fees, and the entire cost of tuition. An extra $3000 is awarded annually for research funding, study abroad expenses, summer internship fees, and short-term courses. The scholarship replaces any prior merit awards and is given for the length of a four-year period of full-time undergraduate study. Students that fit the following requirements frequently have an interest in the Simmons Honors Program as well. To apply, go to the Honors program page.

Courses offered:


Go through the courses offered by the university before proceeding the application:

African Studies (BA)
Accounting (BSBA)
Biology (BS)/Nutrition and Health Promotion (MS)
Art (BA)
Biochemistry (BS)
Arts Administration (BA)
Biology (BS)
Biostatics (BS)
Business (Minor)
Business Management (BSBA)
Chemistry (BS)
Computer Science (BS)/ Library and Information Science (MS)
Cinema and Media Studies (Minor)
Chemistry Management (BS)
Communications (BA)
Computer Science (BS)
Data Science and Analytics(BS)
East Asian Studies (BA)
Economics (BA)
Economics (BA)/Public Policy (MPP)
Economics and Mathematics (BS)
Elementary Education (BA/BS and MAT/MS)
English (BA)
Entrepreneurship (Minor)
Environmental Science (BS)
Exercise Science (BS)/Nutrition and Health Promotion (MS)
Exercise Science (BS)
Exercise Science (BS)/Physical Therapy (DPT)
Finance (BSBA)
French (BA)
Financial Mathematics (BS)
Graphic Design (Concentration)
Gender History (Minor)
Health Informatics (BS)
Health Care Management (Minor)
History (BA)
Information Technology (BS)/Library and Information Science (MS)
Information Technology (BS)
International Relations (BA)
Journalism (Concentration)
Mathematics (BS)
Marketing (BSBA)
Media Arts (Concentration)
Neuroscience and Behavious (BS)
Nursing (BS)/ Nursing (MS)
Nursing (BS)
Nursing (BSN):For RN Holders
Nutrition (BS)/ Nutrition and Health Promotion (MS)
Nutrition and Food (BS)
Nutrition and Dietetics (BS)
Organizational Studies (Minor)
Performing Arts (Minor)
Photography (Minor)
Physics (BS)
Physics of Materials (Minor)
Political Science (BA)/Public Policy (MPP): 3 + 1 Program
Political Science (BA)
Principled Leadership (Minor)
Psychology (BA)
Public Health (BS)/Nutrition And Health Promotion (MS): 4 + 1 Program
Public Health (BS or BA)
Public History (Minor)
Public Policy Studies (Minor)
Public Relations and Marketing Communications (BA)
Radio Minor
Retail Management (BSBA)
Social Work (BSW)
Scientific Computation (Minor)
Special Education (BA/BS and MSEd): 4 + 1 Program
Social Work (BSW)/Social Work (MSW): 3 + 1 Program
Sociology (BA)
Sociology (BA)/Public Policy (MPP): 3 + 1 Program
Spanish (BA)
Statistics (Minor)
Sustainability (Minor)
Women’s and Gender Studies (BA)
Web Design & Development (BS)


Scholarship Benefit

  • Benefits of the Simmons University Kotzen Scholarships include the following for the recipient:
  • A $3,000 annual scholarship is given for research funding, study abroad, short-term courses, and summer internship tuition.
  • The scholarship pays for housing and board, necessary fees, and the entire cost of tuition.

Qualification Criteria


Required Language: English.
Eligible Countries: All World Countries
Standardized test score of 28 or higher (ACT), 1300 or higher (new SAT) or 1250 or higher (old SAT – CR+M). Minimum of 600 in each SAT section strongly recommended.
Apply as a freshman for the fall semester
Non-native English speakers must submit TOEFL and SAT or ACT scores
College preparatory curriculum including an advanced level math course during, or prior to, your senior year of high school
GPA of 3.3 or higher, unweighted
A record of taking honors, advanced placement (AP) and international baccalaureate (IB) courses, as available in their high school systems

Application Procedure for Simmons University Kotzen Scholarships

To apply for a Simmons University Kotzen Scholarship, please complete these steps:

By December 1st, applicants must finish and submit their applications for admission to the College as well as for scholarships.
By December 1st, students must email their essays and resumes in Word or PDF format to [email protected] with the subject line “Simmons Distinguished Scholar Award application.” The full name and birthdate of the student should appear on every page of the document.

Formal Essay (300–500 words maximum): Write a paper outlining your leadership style, including particular instances to demonstrate the range of experiences that have shaped your leadership style and outlining the kind of leader you hope to become at Simmons.

Interview: Those finalists selected for scholarship consideration will have to participate in a February on-campus interview. In the event that you are an international applicant and are unable to come to campus, you might be interviewed via Skype.

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